Turning Point Coaching Process

Today, more than ever, executives and managers are seeking coaching to provide objective, professional direction. No longer merely a remedial “fix-it” solution, coaching is being provided to a greater number of senior, high-potential, and developing leaders to help them fine-tune their leadership style and approach and continue their professional development. Our coaching services are highly flexible, recognizing that each coaching situation is unique and requires a customized approach.

In general, our Leadership Coaching process involves the following steps:

  1. Enrolling the Individual
  2. Building the Relationship
  3. Assessment & Feedback
  4. Development Planning
  5. Coaching to the Plan
  6. Closure & Planning Next Steps

The following is a general description of the coaching process:

Enrolling the Individual:

The coach meets with the individual to be coached (coachee) and his/her manager to ensure that all parties are clear about objectives and outcomes expected. The enrollment step is concluded with a “confidentiality agreement” outlining what information may be shared and with whom.

Building the Relationship:

The coach and the coachee meet to get to know one another, exchange information, and map out the coaching process and activities.

Assessment & Feedback:

A variety of assessment tools are used to gather a complete picture of how the individual’s style, personality, and behavior are related to on-the-job effectiveness. 360° interviews are also conducted with the coachee’s manager, peers and direct reports. The feedback gathered from the interviews and assessments is used to identify both strengths and areas that need development.

Development Planning:

The coach works with the coachee to ensure that the development plan is well written and focuses on three or four ‘mission critical’ developmental areas. Issues are defined, objectives identified, strategies and timelines established, any obstacles/barriers to accomplishing the key objectives are identified, and solutions to overcome barriers are discussed. Once completed, the development plan is shared with the manager and all parties agree on how progress will be measured.

Coaching to the Development Plan:

The coach works with the coachee to ensure goals are being achieved, that learning is on-going, and that new issues are being dealt with effectively. During the coaching sessions, the coach will check in on the coachee’s progress relative to the development plan, discuss new challenges and how they might be handled, and uses role-plays or discussions to help the coachee prepare for upcoming events.

The majority of the work in this phase involves the coach and the coachee.  In specific situations, and based on the guidelines specified in the agreement, periodic updates will be given to the coachee’s boss and/or sponsor of the coaching engagement. Mid-way through the coaching process, additional feedback is solicited to determine progress and adjust plans if necessary. The coach generally provides a process update to identify where the coachee is in the coaching process as it relates to the development plan.

Closure & Planning Next Steps:

The coach and coachee determine on-going development opportunities and potential resource needs. Follow-up 360° assessment interviews focused on the coachee’s application of new behaviors and approaches are conducted to measure progress and revise ongoing development plans and strategies. A closing meeting is held between the coach, coachee and manager to review progress and agree upon next steps.

Click below to download a PDF version of the Turning Point Coaching Process and benefits:

Turning Point Coaching Process Diagram