Optimizing Individual & Team Performance

Optimizing Individual Performance

People come to coaching for a lot of different reasons—but the bottom line is change.  People want things to be different.  They have important  goals to reach.  They come to coaching in order to refresh their work style; enhance their people skills, develop new leadership skills; gain self-awareness; develop new approaches and change self-defeating behaviors than can derail their career.  Often there is a big difference between how we see ourselves and how others see us.  Working directly with leaders, high potentials and key employees, we enter into a one-on-one coaching relationship with the primary goal being to optimize individual performance.

Team Optimization

Effective teams don’t just “happen”–they need to be created. Teams go through an evolutionary process from immaturity to maturity before they are able to reach their fullest potential.

Applying a disciplined approach to team development, building a strong foundation that ties to business goals, recognizing and meeting both the personal and practical needs of the team members, will lead to high levels of empowerment, achievement and success.

If you are looking for a high-energy team building experience that is uniquely tailored, results oriented and beyond the basics, the Paradigm Group, Inc. offers a wide range of 1-5 day customized programs to choose from.

The synergy that comes from putting individuals together  to solve problems, make decisions, and initiate action is a power that must be harnessed to ensure organizational success. Our team building programs bring to life such concepts as leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving, risk-taking, creativity and decision-making.

Transition Coaching

Transition coaching is critical to leaders at all levels when transitioning into a new role, joining a new organization, launching a start-up, taking on a turn-around, or reporting to a new boss. Each of these represents their own unique challenges and opportunities. Studies show that leaders, regardless of level, are most vulnerable during their first few months in a new role. It’s during this time that their actions and behaviors are most scrutinized and first impressions are most critical. Missteps and early losses during the first 90 days will largely determine whether leaders will succeed or fail.

Developing relationships, establishing credibility, building trust and securing early wins is critical to a leader’s long-term success. Working with an executive coach, leaders benefit from their advice, counsel and assistance in crafting an effective 90-day plan that focuses on:

  • Assessing individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying personal vulnerabilities
  • Gaining a clear read on the challenges and opportunities ahead
  • Establishing a “mission critical” focus
  • Ensuring alignment with superior
  • Developing effective working relationships and networks
  • Assessing team competencies and building team effectiveness
  • Establishing credibility, trust and creating momentum

Organizations that sponsor and support transition coaching dramatically accelerate the new leader’s ability to “get up to speed” and positively contribute to the success of the enterprise.