Areas of Expertise

Executive & Leader Coaching

People come to coaching for a lot of different reasons—but the bottom line is change. People want things to be different. They have important goals to reach. They come to coaching in order to refresh their work style; enhance their people skills, develop new leadership skills; gain self-awareness; develop new approaches and change self-defeating behaviors than can derail their career. Often there is a big difference between how we see ourselves and how others see us. Working directly with leaders, Paradigm Group Executive Coaches establish one-on-one coaching relationships with the primary goal being to optimize individual performance.

Leadership Effectiveness

Today’s organizations need a new breed of leadership. They need multi-dimensional leaders at all levels that can increase their flexibility in navigating beyond their comfort zones of leadership behavior. Research shows that multi-dimensional leaders are more effective in responding to rapidly shifting demands and circumstances than those leaders who cling to the one or two things they do best. No matter how good one-dimensional leaders are, they can’t provide the kind of leadership that leads to innovation, social change, and business transformation. Collectively, Paradigm Group Consultants have increased the effectiveness of hundreds of leaders by refining their leadership style and approach.

Executive Strategy & Alignment

It may seem obvious, but a truly healthy organization must have a compelling reason to exist. Paradigm Group consultants help organizations develop and align their strategies around a common vision, mission, shared values, clearly defined goals and specific mile-markers. The next step in the process includes developing a framework to achieve mission, vision and value clarity throughout the organization. The third step is to help everyone in the organization recognize their individual impact and contribution to the overall success of the enterprise.

Emotional Intelligence

In today’s fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and turbulent economic conditions, leaders are searching for effective tools that can help them manage, adapt and move ahead of the pack. Emotional Intelligence skills are responsible for 58% of all performance in all types of jobs. Knowing WHAT emotional intelligence is and knowing HOW to use it to improve leadership effectiveness are two very different things. The Paradigm Group facilitates half-day to full-day sessions that introduce people to emotional intelligence and teach the four core EQ skills (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management).

Building Effective Working Relationships

We spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. This makes the need for solid working relationships critical to our success. The strength of our relationships with others, combined with the actions we take, determines the results we achieve. Paradigm Group provides facilitated sessions to improve interpersonal, communication and interaction skills within organizations. Multiple assessment tools are used to increase awareness of group and individual behaviors that can help or hinder relationship success.

Team Optimization

Collectively, the consultants at Paradigm Group have worked with hundreds of teams all over the world, in a wide variety of industries,  helping them optimize their performance and creating what we call ‘Winning Teams’. Working with teams over the years has convinced us that what keeps team’s from winning is not the collective IQ of the team members, their years of experience, education or knowledge in their particular industry, its’ not even their technical expertise.  What keeps teams from ‘winning’ is their inability to  interact, communicate and collaborate with other team members in successful ways.

Facilitation & Team Building Events

Teamwork is very powerful in affecting change. Paradigm Group facilitators create high energy, customized 1 to 5 day programs and team events specifically designed to develop ‘Winning Teams’. By creating the environment for team members to discover new ways of understanding and accepting one another, we enable all team members to contribute to their maximum potential. These programs are not only not energizing, they also yield tangible changes in long term behaviors.

Building Internal Coaching Capabilities

Recognizing the benefits, and bolstered by the findings of numerous studies on the favorable impact of workplace coaching programs, companies are working with the Paradigm Group to create their own cadre of internal coaches. Through the Paradigm Group’s, “Coach the Coach” program, an organization can train a cadre of six internal coaches for a per-person cost that is a fraction of the fee to coach just one senior leader in the executive suite.

By creating an internal coaching capability, mid-level, high potentials and key entry level positions are now being exposed to coaching and accelerated development. Although not a replacement for traditional mentoring or group development, the one-on-one guidance in the form of coaching serves to further enhance the developmental process and quickly leverages the strengths of the individual.