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To be an effective leader you need to know your strengths … but that’s only part of the story! Today’s organizations need a new breed of leadership. They need multi-dimensional leaders at all levels that can increase their flexibility in navigating beyond their comfort zones of leadership behavior. Research shows that multi-dimensional leaders are more effective in responding to rapidly shifting demands and circumstances than those leaders who cling to the things they do best. Multi-dimensional leaders understand that great leadership requires a range of competencies and skills, and know that their own personality traits can work both for and against them.



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In a recent survey and research report from the Center for Creative Leadership, 91% of respondents agreed that teams are central to organizational success. Teams are heavily relied upon in today’s business environment and are being used as much to drive change as to generate results.

Everyone wants to be on a winning team, but not all teams are created equal … some have it and some don’t! What keeps teams from winning is not the collective IQ of the team members or their years of experience, education or knowledge in their particular industry … its’ not even their technical expertise.  What keeps teams from winning is their inability to interact, communicate and collaborate with other team members in successful ways.

We call this Emotional Intelligence or EQ; the ability to recognize and understand emotions in ourselves and in others, and our ability to use this awareness to manage ourselves and our relationships.



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No organization can overlook the need to develop strong leaders at all levels.  Senior Leaders have had access to Executive Coaches as an effective developmental resource for the past 20 years.  However these external  resources, because of cost, have rarely been made available to people outside the executive suite.

Recognizing the benefits, and bolstered by the findings of numerous studies on the favorable impact of workplace coaching programs, companies are now creating their own cadre of internal coaches.  By creating an internal coaching capability, mid-level, high potentials and key entry level positions are now being exposed to coaching and having their development accelerated.  Although not a replacement for traditional mentoring or group development, the one-on-one guidance in the form of coaching serves to further enhance the developmental process and quickly leverages the strengths of the individual. 



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Even the most successful sales people are never satisfied with their current level of performance.  They are always looking for new techniques and approaches to refine and perfect their sales skills. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to meet their needs, gain their trust, and secure the sale. Stealth Selling introduces you to a sales-specific technology that helps do just that;  find out more about yourself, your customers and how best to exploit this information to gain insight into buying preferences and ensure customers are served in the best possible way.

Sales people want results; but how do you get results when you don’t speak your customer’s “language?” Not every customer responds well to the same sales approach.  Salespeople who “go stealth” learn to quietly and effectively modify their behavior to meet customer needs, manage interactions, and win more business.